8 Reasons Why You Need This Meal in Your Life!

photo (29)I’m not exaggerating here! This little meal is amazing for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. I first saw this idea on the Foodmatters website and it has been a part of my life ever since! Now, I’m a huge fan of Japanese food, I lived there for just over a year, so before I even made it I knew I’d love it. There just isn’t enough seaweed wrapped meals in Australia and this spin on sushi is amazing. Here are eight reasons why you need to try the Omelette Nori Roll this week:

  1. Super easy. I made this in less than 10 minutes. Whisk 2 or 3 eggs, mix with shallots, photo (28)mushrooms and any greens you like plus some turmeric. Cook as an omelette on the frying pan. Place your sheet of dried seaweed (nori) on the plate, top with the cooked omelette, kim chi or sauerkraut, greens, avocado or anything else you like. Roll up and enjoy.
  1. Seaweed has amazing health benefits. Seaweed is an ancient superfood, rich in minerals such as iodine, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamins C and A, protein and the list goes on. Natural iodine is vital for aiding and maintaining healthy thyroid function, this gland controls two fertility hormones, as well as functions such as weight management, how we use energy and how we sleep. Other benefits of eating seaweed include improved memory and immunity, clear skin, healthy hair and lower blood pressure. Buy some nori on your next visit to the supermarket!
  2. Eggs are good for you! There has been so much contradicting information over the years, debating whether eggs are good or bad for you. My belief is that we should be eating real food and eggs fall under this category. Dr Nat Kringoudis rates eggs as the number one fertility food, a complete meal with the perfect package of protein and good quality fats. The most important thing about eggs is where they come from. Always, always buy pastured eggs from a local farmer or if this isn’t available to you, buy free range and preferably organic.
  3. Good for your gut! By now you have probably heard about how important gut health is. With 85% of our immune system located in our gut wall, looking after our gut health should be a number one priority. Greens, fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and kim chi, as well as avocado are some of the foods in this meal that promote a healthy gut.photo (30)
  4. It’s delicious! Can there be a better reason? Food is meant to be enjoyed!
  5. It’s so versatile! Just add whatever you like to your omelette and the filling. There are no rules. Experiment! Find a combination of fillings that you like.
  6. You can eat it on the go. Eating mindfully is incredibly important and something I will write about another day. But unfortunately there are times when we just have so much going on and we spend our days racing around. Yes, eat this on the go, but do chew your food and enjoy the taste!
  7. The perfect ‘I don’t feel like cooking’ or ‘We’ve got no food in the house’ meal. As long as you have nori, eggs and some veggies or greens in the house, you’ve got yourself a healthy meal. No need to head to the drive thru!

I would love for you to share your favourite Omelette Nori Roll fillings, make sure you leave a comment below.

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5 Awesome Aussie Websites for Healthy Recipes

imageI’m keeping this one local. If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’ll know that supporting local business is really important to me. We have so much talent, passion and knowledge, as well as many resources and amazing health and wellness expert’s right here in our own backyard. Make sure you bookmark this and share it with your friends. These websites and blogs are so valuable!

The Healthy Chef – Teresa Cutter

One of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking. She has a huge variety of delicious recipes and includes the health benefits of ingredients too. I particularly love her salad recipes. A perfect place to go if you’ve been invited to a BBQ and need to bring a salad! You’ll never scratch your head wondering what to cook again! Vegetarian and meat dishes included.

Loving Earth

So much healthy deliciousness here! I’ve tried many recipes from this site and have never been disappointed. Added bonus is being able to easily search for recipes if you have a restricted diet or allergies. Not to mention a quick visit to their online store to purchase their high quality organic and fair trade superfoods (love the raw chocolate!). Plus the photos will have you drooling!

Veggie Num Num

Mouth-watering vegetarian meals only! This would have to be my favourite place to go for vegetarian and meat free Monday recipes. I’ve also made many dishes from this site which are now family favourites.

I Quit Sugar

I love everything about the recipes and meals on this site. It’s all about just eating real food, what’s in season and reducing waste. Nothing too complicated. I’m a huge fan of Sarah Wilson’s books too. Even if you don’t want to quit sugar, it’s worth a look for some meal and snack inspiration.


It’s all about real food, getting the right nutrients for you and healing. Recipes that are quick, easy and tasty along with great health advice too.  You’ll definitely feel inspired after checking out these recipes.

Well, they are my favourite, top five, most visited websites to find recipes and meal inspiration. I know there are many other worthy Australian sites too and I’d love you to share some of your local favourites in the comments. Which of these sites will you check out first?