What is a Health Coach?

What is a Health Coach_

Health Coaching is a relatively new thing in Australia. I must admit that two years ago, I had no idea that Health Coaches even existed! Now that I am a Health Coach I thought I’d shed some light on what I do and don’t do.

First and foremost, I aim to empower people to live their own version of a happy and healthy life. I do this by truly listening to them about their concerns, goals and dreams. We discuss solutions to issues or problems and through this, the client often comes up with their own plan of action.

Health Coaches largely work with people who are generally healthy but may have mild health concerns such as headaches, sugar cravings and fatigue. We discuss ways to ‘crowd out’ caffeine, sugar and junk food as well as anything else that the client may need support with. For example, choosing the best gluten free or dairy free alternatives.

Clients experience great success in achieving their goals when they are able to come to their own conclusions about their health. For example, someone who has sugar cravings may never have thought about what triggers this. We encourage clients to listen to their body and ask meaningful questions to facilitate an understanding of the particular unhealthy habits that they want to overcome.

Of course, health isn’t just about what we eat. Often what we eat is secondary to everything else going on in our lives. Health Coaches take a holistic approach to health and wellness. We encourage clients to move their bodies and find an activity or exercise that they enjoy as well as explore what makes them happy.

Other areas to explore and discuss for your overall health and wellness include career, relationships, education, home environment, self-esteem, creativity, spirituality and stress-management. Your Health Coach is there for you to provide support with what you need to improve your health and wellbeing.

Can you think of a time in your life when you have had someone’s unbiased and undivided attention? When you have had someone truly listen to you and cheer you on? When you have had someone hold you accountable to your word so that you achieve your goals? This is the major role of a Health Coach.

It is not the role of a Health Coach to diagnose, prescribe treatments or cure illness. We cannot give medical advice or tailor meal plans or recommend medications. We are not doctors, Nutritionists or Dieticians. Clients would find great benefit in working with a Health Coach alongside these professionals. We can assist people in how to action recommendations from their health professional in a way that fits in to their lifestyle.

You will find that there are Health Coaches out there who specialise in different areas. This may be because they have overcome or experienced a particular situation or health concern or they may have a background that complements Health Coaching. What is important is that you are able to find someone you are comfortable with and relaxed talking to. Only you know what is best for you.

If you are ready to make some long lasting and positive changes to your health and wellness, you can find out more about my Health Coaching Program here or contact me for your free consultation here. The right time to start is always now!

Maybe you are interested in becoming a Health Coach too? I’d be happy to answer your questions. You can contact me here.

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10 Reasons to Visit a Farmer’s Market!

vegIt started out as a “date” with my husband on a Sunday morning. We saw a sign advertising the local Farmer’s Market and decided to check it out. There was live music and delicious food stalls, plus they sold the newspaper. So we would sit on the grass in the shade or sun, depending on the season, soak up the sounds and catch up on the news while enjoying a gozleme and a coffee. Afterwards we’d shop for our fruit and vegetables for the week. A very happy and relaxing Sunday morning!

Around the same time I saw the films Forks Over Knives, Foodmatters and Food Inc. Eating local and understanding where our food comes from and how it is grown really mattered to me. I also started Meat Free Monday in my household so including more plant based foods in our diet was also really important. So much so, that our Farmer’s Market visit became our weekly shop. Sometimes we would just be in and out in 15 minutes buying what we needed. The value for money really surprised us. We were coming home with bags of fresh produce and we hadn’t spent much at all. In fact, many prices at the markets were much cheaper than the supermarket.

Not only were we getting more value for our money but we were also getting better quality. These locally grown fruits and vegetables tasted amazing! I have had fruit and vegetables from a supermarket in the last year and I can honestly say that there is a huge difference in the taste. After buying directly from a farmer, I now know how fresh fruits and vegetables should taste. I encourage you to test it out for yourself.

Here are some reasons why you should visit a Farmer’s Market this weekend:

  1. Everything tastes better because it is fresh
  2. More nutritious as it’s sold right after it’s picked
  3. Support local farming families
  4. Eating in season and fresh, ripe foods increases the foods’ vitality
  5. Less packaging
  6. It’s cheaper to buy organic and spray free produce from the local farmer
  7. Promotes energy conservation due to reduction in transport
  8. Supports the environment and wildlife, farmers have respect for their land
  9. Builds community as you get to know the farmer and the story behind what you eat
  10. It’s fun! Farmer’s Markets are fun for everyone!

Now, five years later, things have changed; the Farmer’s Market is no longer a “date”. My donkey (husband!) only accompanies me occasionally, so now I happily visit the markets on my own or with my mum and carry my own bags!!

I have found an amazing local farmer who delivers fresh, spray free, organic produce to my door. But I do visit the markets for particular fruit and veggie items as well as organic meat, kombucha, eggs and fresh bread.

Where do you buy your fruit and veg? Are you a regular at the Farmer’s Market? Please leave a comment below with your favourite one and why.

I offer Farmer’s Market tours as well as Supermarket and Health Food Store tours in my Health Coaching Program, you can find out more here.

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