5 Awesome Aussie Websites for Healthy Recipes

imageI’m keeping this one local. If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’ll know that supporting local business is really important to me. We have so much talent, passion and knowledge, as well as many resources and amazing health and wellness expert’s right here in our own backyard. Make sure you bookmark this and share it with your friends. These websites and blogs are so valuable!

The Healthy Chef – Teresa Cutter

One of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking. She has a huge variety of delicious recipes and includes the health benefits of ingredients too. I particularly love her salad recipes. A perfect place to go if you’ve been invited to a BBQ and need to bring a salad! You’ll never scratch your head wondering what to cook again! Vegetarian and meat dishes included.

Loving Earth

So much healthy deliciousness here! I’ve tried many recipes from this site and have never been disappointed. Added bonus is being able to easily search for recipes if you have a restricted diet or allergies. Not to mention a quick visit to their online store to purchase their high quality organic and fair trade superfoods (love the raw chocolate!). Plus the photos will have you drooling!

Veggie Num Num

Mouth-watering vegetarian meals only! This would have to be my favourite place to go for vegetarian and meat free Monday recipes. I’ve also made many dishes from this site which are now family favourites.

I Quit Sugar

I love everything about the recipes and meals on this site. It’s all about just eating real food, what’s in season and reducing waste. Nothing too complicated. I’m a huge fan of Sarah Wilson’s books too. Even if you don’t want to quit sugar, it’s worth a look for some meal and snack inspiration.


It’s all about real food, getting the right nutrients for you and healing. Recipes that are quick, easy and tasty along with great health advice too.  You’ll definitely feel inspired after checking out these recipes.

Well, they are my favourite, top five, most visited websites to find recipes and meal inspiration. I know there are many other worthy Australian sites too and I’d love you to share some of your local favourites in the comments. Which of these sites will you check out first?

The only bliss ball recipe you need!

Bliss balls are a great healthy snack to have on hand. I usually make a batch on a Sunday afternoon so I am organised in the snack department for the week ahead.  This recipe is refined sugar free and is full of heart-healthy fats. Some people avoid nuts because they fear putting on weight. Studies have shown that those who eat nuts twice a week are less likely to put on weight than those who rarely eat nuts. Of course this would be a different story for salted or flavoured nuts.

Other health benefits of the nuts in this recipe include antioxidants, bone health, aid in lowering the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals, help provide good brain function and alkalise the body. Dates are also an excellent source of iron, dietary fibre and assist in replenishing energy. What a power-packed snack!

I use this recipe as the base for a lot of my bliss balls. You may wish to add cacao, apricots, protein powder, chia seeds, coconut, spirulina, lemon zest or goji berries to yours. Otherwise, they are just as satisfying and delicious on their own.

You will need:

1 cup of cashews
1 cup of other nuts eg, almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamia
12-15 pitted dates (soaked in water for at least 20 minutes and check if they actually are pitted, you don’t want to chip a tooth!)

First process the nuts. Add the dates without the water (and any other addition) and process until it sticks up the sides of the processor. Check the mixture, if it is too dry or crumbly you may like to add some of the date water. If necessary, place in the fridge before rolling into balls. Roll into balls and refrigerate.

How do you like this bliss ball recipe? Did you add anything to yours?

Seven Days of Self-Care

2014-08-life-of-pix-free-stock-photos-Countryside-trees-hammock-chill-RelaxationHow well do you care for yourself? Do you only make time for yourself once you’ve looked after everyone else? If you have set an intention for 2015 to love yourself more or if you rarely make time for yourself then this is for you. Late last year I ran a “Seven Days of Self-Care” guide. I don’t feel ‘challenge’ is the appropriate word here when speaking of self-care. The feedback was positive and some of the changes and insights by those who participated was profound. Follow the guide below at your own pace. Notice which self-care tips resonate with you and which ones you struggle with. Try to focus on just one strategy per day. Remember, taking good care of YOU means the people in your life will receive the best of you, rather than what’s left of you.

Day 1: Breathe

Breathe through the nose. Notice the inhale, notice the exhale and connect with your breath. Breathe deeply into the belly. Notice how the nose warms the breath as it enters the body. Notice how your belly expands. Notice how your chest rises. Exhale slowly.

Three deep breaths can be enough to calm and de-stress your body and mind. Take a moment to connect to your breath. Focusing on the breath will bring you back to the present moment. If you are feeling stress levels rise, take a moment to breathe.

Day 2: Take a break

A real break. The kind of break without distractions or interruptions. Switch off your phone, turn off the TV, wait until your kids go to bed if you need to. This is not the time to be making mental ‘to do’ lists either!

Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down and enjoy it. Put your feet up, read a book or magazine or simply close your eyes. Slow down and savour it. Enjoy the stillness! Completely stopping for as little as ten minutes could make all the difference.

Day 3: Move your body

Exercise produces the feel good hormone serotonin, which has an uplifting effect on your entire body. It also increases energy and reduces anxiety and stress.

Moving your body outside in nature can also improve your mood. Pay attention to your surroundings and notice natures’ beauty. Breathe in the fresh air and feel recharged.

You may like to try a yoga, Pilates or Zumba class. Maybe a walk, run, bike ride or swim outdoors is more convenient for you. Or perhaps a game of tennis or soccer with your friends or kids is your type of exercise. Even turning up the stereo and dancing around the house counts! Enjoy whatever you do and have fun. If you can’t spare more than 15 minutes, don’t worry, do as much as you can.

Day 4: Be Positive

Think positive and positive things will happen. Positive thoughts boost your mood, spirit and can even generate more positivity and happiness in your life.

Let go of negative self-talk, make the choice to be positive. When you notice the negative chatter going in your head, replace it with something positive. Even when you don’t think you have it all, focus on what you have today.

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

Day 5: Pamper Yourself

It’s time to relax and recharge. Show yourself some love and care. You deserve some you time!

You could try dry body brushing before a shower, a body scrub, facial, massage, pedicure, manicure or a relaxing bath. A DIY spa night could be the perfect way to pamper yourself and unwind.

Day 6: Play!

Most of us have jobs and roles that require responsibility. All work and no play is no way to live a life of depth. Life shouldn’t be so serious and busy all of the time.

Make it a priority to let go of the stresses in your life and make time for play. Not only will you enjoy it but you’ll also be modelling healthy work-life balance behaviours to those around you.

So dust off the cricket set, tennis rackets or board games and have fun just playing. Remember playgrounds aren’t just for kids! Play, laugh and relax!

Day 7: Connect with nature

Disconnect from the rest of the world and concentrate on the beauty of nature. Enjoy the simplicity of nature, it’s good for the spirit.

Nature will quiet your mind and you will feel connected with life all around you. You may emerge from your nature break feeling more alive, inspired or more relaxed than ever. Getting outside will nourish, de-stress and empower you!

Take off your shoes and sink your bare feet into the grass or sand, tend to some gardening, or go for a walk outdoors. Breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh air. You could even bring nature to you with a plant, freshly cut flowers or some shells collected from the beach.

Finally: Reflect

How will you incorporate self-care into your days ahead? Which self-care tip resonated with you the most? Which one did you struggle with? I’d love to hear from you!